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Each of us has been touched in a magical way by a referral in our lives - whether to catch a break, hire an amazing teammate, or help a friend in need. 

88% of employers agree that referrals are the best way to hire, and 85% of job seekers use their networks when looking for jobs, yet almost every single company we speak with asks us the same questions:

“How does our referral program compare to peer companies?”

“How can we structure our program and bonus to be the most effective?”

“What % of hires should we expect to get from referrals?”

“How can we use referrals as a scalable, predictable and trackable strategy for success?”

Respondents by sector

We collected data about 145 companies, a majority (roughly three quarters) are from the technology space.


Respondents by their applicant tracking system (ATS)

43% of respondents reported that they use Greenhouse, making it the most popular ATS for the companies in our survey. Lever came in second at 15%.


Hires from referrals

The average percentage of hires from referrals in the companies we surveyed was 29%. Half of the companies surveyed fell between the 20% to 40% range.


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